Albuquerque Weather

Q: Why should I donate money?
You should only donate money if you really want to. The programs and weather equipment used to maintain this web site are the property of "CheroKiwi's" and not the city of Albuquerque NM . There was no intention that this web site should be a money-making venture and any donations received are used solely to cover the owners costs incurred in providing and supporting the programs. This includes things like providing and maintaining the software and the weather station equipment, and (if funds permit) obtaining additional weather station hardware and software so that we can support new features .

Q: How do I donate to Cherokiwi's Weather?
All donations are handled through PayPal. At the bottom of this information, as well as selected pages of this site you will find a Donate button for you to click. This will bring you to the secure Paypal donation page. PayPal provides a simple and secure method of sending money over the web using your credit or debit card.

Q: How much money should I donate?
The amount of money you donate is completely up to you! Any size contribution is welcome, no matter how small it may seem. Remember, all those "small" donations will add up after time. No matter the size of your contribution, it will be greatly appreciated.

Q: What will I get from contributing?
Nothing more than my gratitude and a warm and fuzzy feeling from the knowledge that you have contributed toward the continuation of a viable alternative to expensive commercial website development and weather service.

Q: I don't live in United States - can I still donate?
Of course! Since donations are handled through Paypal, visitors from all over the world can donate! Paypal accepts contributions from many countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand just to name a few.